Hunting Safari

The finest big game hunting destination in the world. Tanzania has it all! Remote areas, luxury Hunting camps, variety of species and quantity of animals make this country the premier destination for big game hunting.

Tanzania offers remote camps complete with Private Africa safari style Tents Inclusive of Ensuite Bathroom for Hot/Cold shower and Flush Toilet, Exotic Cuisine Meals, 3 Course Dinners, Bush Picnic Lunches in the field, Daily Laundry Service and all your Camp Needs attended by Professionally trained Service Staff.


Keep in your mind that this is a general list and will be adjusted for each individual safari.

  • A choice of one light Rifle .243, .270, 30.06, 7mm Magnum, 300 Winchester, 300 Weatherby, 300 Ultra Magnum with variable power scope(2*-7*,3*-9*), rifle sling, 80 rounds of ammunition(we recommend Barnes and/or Nessler Partition)
  •  One Heavy Rifle (when required), .375 H&H Magnum, .458 Winchester Magnum or .458 Lott, 416 Remington, 470 N.E, .500 N.E double barrel with low power variable power scope (1*-6*), Rifle sling, 30 rounds of ammunitions(soft points), 30 rounds of ammunition (full metal jacket).
  • One 12 bore Shotgun
  •  Hard gun case (1 case for both rifles is sufficient for air travel), soft gun case per rifle (lightly padded zipper type for riding in the gun rack and transferring the rifle around camp).
  •  CLOTHING-3 pairs of cotton trousers (khaki or green), jeans if desired, 3 shirts (cotton long sleeves),1 khaki coat or light weight brown down jacket with wood,1 fleece,1 wide brim hat(your choice),5 dark T’s,5 underpart,5 pair of socks,1 belt,1pair of sport sandals,1pair of leather boots,1down vest or wool sweater,1 jogging suit for sleeping, socks, hat, light leather gloves.
  •  Miscellaneous: folding knife, 2 chop-sticks, 2 rifle shell holder and carrier (belt type), Suntan lotion, Sunglasses, camera and extra batteries, binoculars (your choice but 8* power are best for Tanzanian terrain).
  • NOTE: In the event you will not have your own weapons, They are available on Rental Basis according to the Hunting Package.

*OTHER:-Travel documents(have folder with copies of all documents),passport, customs form, visas(when required),reading materials, phone numbers, confirmation of hotel reservations and car rental, air tickets, money, medical records(as required), GPS(optional). Nights are cool and a jacket is usually required for riding in the back of an open hunting truck or sitting outside near the campfire.

*WHAT WE REQUIRE!!! A 50 percent non-refundable deposit on the Package rate as confirmation of booking your safari and reservation of  your hunting dates in Tanzania. The remainder of the Package rates, travel fees, licenses, camp transfers and permit is due ninety days(90 days)before your hunt begins…..