Lake Manyara National Park

About Manyara National Park

Compact game viewing a long 50km stretch base of the dramatic 600m tall Rift Valley escaparpment, blend of rainforest, grassy pains and acacia woodlands.

Home of the legendary tree climbing Lions and Hippo Pools

Lake Manyara is the perfect location for an introduction of Tanzania birdlife more than 40 species have been recorded newcomers can expect to spot about 100 of these in a single day.

July to October – the dry season is good for large mammals viewing.

November to June -the rainy reason is good for bird watching, waterfall, canoeing; lake Manyara hosts thousands of flamingo and diversity of other migrant and resident birdlife.

Wildlife to watch for:-

  • Rainforest species:- oversized forest horn bill, baboons, blue monkey and bushbuck.
  • Grassy plains species:-wildebeest, massive buffalos, zebra herd and darkly coloured giraffes.
  • Acacia wood land species:- Tree climbing Lions, Elephant, Klipspringers and Dik diks