Mikumi National Park

About Mikumi National Park

Is a national park obtained in Mikumi village. The park established in 1964 coves an area of 3230km2 and the fourth largest in Tanzania. Mikumi is bordered to the South with the Selous Game Reseve, the two area form a Unique ecosystem. Two other natural area’s bordering the park area Udzungwa Mountains and Uluguru Mountains.

The open horizons and abundant wildlife of the Mkata Floodplain, the popular centerpiece of Mikumi, is often compared to the more famous Serengeti Plains. The park is very accessible by surfaced road from Dar es Salaam.

The grasslands of Mikumi support large herds of zebra, wildebeest, buffalo and impala. Giraffe and elephant are also common. Predators, like lions and spotted hyena, are present but sightings are relatively rare.

The 80% of Mikumi southeast of the Tanzam Highway is inaccessible to tourists. The 60km circuit open to tourists is on the Mkata River floodplain, comprised of open grassland interspersed with acacia woodland and the odd baobab tree.

Mikumi belongs to the circuit of wildlife Parks, less visited by tourists and better protected from the environmental point of view.