Saadani National Park

About Saadani National Park

Located in the centre of historic triangle of Bagamoyo, Pangani and Zanzibar, Saadani covers 1100Km Square . The only wildlife sanctuary in Tanzania bordering the sea. The climate is coastal, hot and humit. Saadan has 30 species of larger mammals at present as well as numerous reptiles and birds. Many species of fish (over 40), Green turtles, hump back whales and dolphins.

History &Culture of Saadan
Saandan village once was an important harbor, town and slave trading centre in East Africa. Now it is a small Swahili fishing village with about 800 inhabitants whose livelihood is mostly fishing. After period of Portuguese & Arab domination the region gained imprortance in 18th and 19th centures following a rising International demand of Ivory and Slaves.

Activities in Saadan
• Boat Safari at delta or Wami River and the ocean mangrove vegetation, water loving birds, Hippos and Nile Crocodile.
• Walking Safaris on natural trails of Saadan gets you close to nature.
• Day Game drive
• Night game drive for sighting nocturnal animals
• Relax on the clean beaches on the cost of Bagamoyo and Tanga where visitors/ clients get to see the sun down/sunrise
• Visit Green turtle breeding site at Madete area