Hunting Terms and conditions


A safari is confirmed only upon the receipt of a deposit for the safari. There shall be no binding contract until the deposit is paid and the company acknowledges receipt in writing of the deposit. It shall then be deemed accepted and a confirmed reservation.

Failure to remit the safari deposit in full may result in a release of the safari dates and possibly the inability for one to reinstate a reservation. By paying the full deposit, you the client and the outfitter are bound under contract for the date of your safari.

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions Agreement for the full policy on “Reservation and Payment” and “Cancellation and Refunds”. The reservation deposit confirms arrangements between you, the client, and the outfitter and constitutes acceptance and confirmation by both parties.

If you, the client, are a “no show” the outfitter will treat your reservation as cancelled and all payments made by you will be forfeited. In the event of a cancellation you are responsible for the full cancellation fee regardless of the amount of deposits you have made to your account.


Lost travel time or substitution of facilities.

Itineraries amended after departure

Circumstances beyond the control of the outfitter where the company has to make alternative arrangements necessary to ensure the client’s safety and further participation and enjoyment of the respective safari.

Leaving your safari early.


Prior to your safari we will invoice safari fees and any additional fees for service, which have been requested. The balance of the fees is due no later than 90 days prior to the commencement of your safari. Trophy Fee deposit are due no later than 45 days prior to your safari.

At the end of your safari we will provide a final statement detailing trophy fees and any other additional charges. Any outstanding balance due is payable in cash (US dollars) before leaving Tanzania unless prior agreement have been made with your booking agent.


Baron Hunting Safaris strongly recommends that you obtain the following types of insurance, all of which are commercially available.

Accidental death and disability

Emergency medical evacuation

Loss of personal effects

Major medical coverage

Trip cancellation

Any insurance which you deem is pertinent in your case


Baron Hunting Safaris is responsible for the field preparation, dipping and packing of your trophies.

After the completion of your hunt all the necessary Tanzanian Government documentation will be obtained and this documentation will accompany your trophies once the trophies are ready for export.

As per standard, the responsibility of trophies will not be in our hands once the trophies are shipped. Any shipping and Insurance cost for the Trophies while in Transit are the responsibility of the Client. Cost for trophy shipments arriving into the USA will be billed to the client by your Customs Broker/Clearing Agent following clearance through US Customs or delivery to your taxidermist.

Please bring taxidermy shipping tags with you on safari and present them to your camp manager on arrival. Shipping tags are available through your taxidermist. The tags/labels are used by the outfitter to identify your individual trophies during the preparation and shipping process.


Gratuities/ tips are accepted in the industry but optional and it is customary to tip Company field staff and Professional Hunter at a rate of your discretion commensurate with your appreciation of the level of service delivery


Baron Hunting Safaris strives to achieve primary goals of wildlife and habitat preservation in Tanzania. As a hunting client, it is important for you to note the your contribution is vital and contributed through a surcharge or “anti-poaching & conservation fee,” which is part of the TOTAL TROPHY FEE for animals hunted during your safari.

These funds help finance year-round anti-poaching operations and various community development projects aimed at facilitating the self-development and education of communities to promote long-term sustainable conservation and the protection of Tanzania’s wildlife biomes and ultimately hunting itself.

Additional contributions/donations are always welcomed by all our clients for the ongoing efforts towards various conservation and community development programs.


Big Game hunting is a dangerous sport, and involves a certain amount of risk even when precautions are taken.

Baron Hunting Safaris will not be liable for any injury, death, illness sustained and safari time lost due to mechanical breakdown or property damage while on safari.

The company is also not liable for any circumstances beyond its reasonable control, defined as “Force Majeure”.

The company reserves the right, without further notice to make use if any photograph of film taken by its staff for any purpose without payment or permission.


Baron Hunting Safaris acts as a booking agent when requested or necessary for arranging hotels, air charters, photographic operators or other independent agencies providing service. Each of these companies is an independent operation with its own management and is not subject to the control of Baron Hunting Safaris. Baron Hunting Safaris is therefore not liable for any personal injury or property damage, which may arise from these services.

The outfitter will strive to ensure that your safari is a success and that al itineraries are organized in advance and that all vehicles are well maintained. However, we make no guarantees that all the animals desired by the client will be collected, nor do we accept any responsibility for weather conditions affecting the safari or delays arising from breakage or damage to hunting vehicles and or air charter availability. Any act of God is out of your control and the company will not be responsible for any loss, damage or injury from such occurrences(s).

All Tanzania Government Fees (i.e. trophy fees, block fees, conservation fees) are subject to change without notice. We will endeavor to make every effort to advise you of change of any fees as early as possible. Any new taxes, fess, license of other changes imposed by the Tanzania Government will be the responsibility of the client.

Trophies are handed over to the to the shipping agent at the airport where the Health & Wildlife Departments inspect and seal the crates after confirming condition and content. At this point the outfitter ceases to have any control of the trophies and accepts no responsibility for any damage to the crate or its contents. It is the responsibility of the client to obtain insurance to cover any damage or loss to the crate contents. We will pass on all relevant information in regards to the shipment.

We will assist or advise you with pertinent information regarding passports, visas, gun permits and international health requirements. It is however the responsibility of the client to ensure that all necessary documents, certificates, permits and inoculations be obtained.